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market leader with-in a short span of time.



Being a leading Specialized Construction Service Providers in the Middle East, Rise and Shine aims to protect the lives of people. We are specialists in fire safety our services include: firestopping, fireproofing, thermal insulation, flooring solutions and expansion joints. We carry several certifications including Local Civil Defense Certification and ISO. The senior management team at Rise And Shine holds a combined fire-protection experience of over 25 years on varied fire safety projects in the middle east. Our strength is in our team of 500+ employees holding expertise of providing varied fire protection services on different projects.

Rise and Shine group of companies is the UAE Member Firm of the global network of Rise and Shine Global firms, a group of independent entities helping companies solve problems in Firestopping, Fireproofing, Cladding, Waterproofing, Acoustics and Coring & Cutting services.

Rise & Shine was founded by Chairman & Managing Director Mr.G. Ravi Subramanyam in 2006 in UAE with plans to proceed for success. The company started growing from a medium-sized contracting firm in Sharjah in the name of Rise & Shine Fire Protection .It has another branch in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the name of Rise & Shine Insulation Fire Protection LLC.

It has also already spread its wings to 4 more countries QATAR, OMAN,K.S.A. & INDIA. In a short span of time it has emerged as one of the important market leaders in the field of Passive Firestop Contracting with Specialization in Fire stop Application, Supply and Apply of Waterproofing Chemicals, PU Foam and Construction Chemicals Application.

In 2009 our group expanded to Qatar under the name of Rise & Shine Trading & Contracting Company (RSTC). We have been awarded with NEW DOHA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, SIDRA, WTC. Another Branch was opened in Qatar under the name Rise & Shine Engineering Services (RSES).

In Beginning of 2010 we opened a branch in KSA in the name of Rise & Shine Contracting Co.Est.We were recently awarded with the prestigious CMA Tower project in KAFD.

In mid 2010 in India we opened a branch operating in the name of Rise & Shine Contracting L.L.P.We are doing lots of government contracts along with BBMP partnered and International reputed Company Like HILTI and Prompt for various Projects.In fire stop we have been doing a lot of government awarded with PEPSICO Plant- Pune, QUALCOM – Bangalore.

In 2012 we have opened our branch in OMAN in the name of Rise & Shine Technical Services L.L.C. & have successfully completed the OCTAL Project.

It was the childhood dream of Mr. G. Ravi Subramanyam which has become a strong symbol of his aspirations & developed into RISE & SHINE Group of Companies.During his school days in Rabindranath School ,Madanapali ,Andhra Pradesh he had observed a wall which had Rise & Shine painted on it. At that time only he determined he would also like to rise in his life like a sun.

Rise & Shine is also an acronym of Mr. G. Ravi Subramanyam where R of RISE stands for RAVI & S of SHINE stands for Subramanyam. His discreet vision and self-motivated attitude has helped the Rise & Shine Group to become a market leader with-in a short span of time. His contributions in the field of Contracting and Allied Services are truly remarkable.

Rise and Shine Member Firms are separate and independent legal entities, are not agents of other firms in the Rise and Shine network, and have no authority to obligate or bind other firms in the Rise and Shine network.



Rise & Shine is founded by Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Ravi Subramanyam who is during the year 2006, a B.E.Mechanical Engineer from India. His discreet vision and self-motivated attitude has helped the Rise & Shine Group to become a market leader within a short span of time.

Mr. Ravi Subramanyam started off his career as a Marketing professional and set his own units in Sharjah-UAE and spread across Qatar, Saudi Arabia,Oman and India. He has been highly admired for his hard-working attitude, achieving outlook, associations with other business persons and unparalleled vision to take Rise & Shine Group to a newer pinnacle.

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To satisfy our customer is the highest priority.The company will make every effort to deliver the highest quality products and services in business.

To develop new strategies and plans based on a customer driven philosophy to gain the competitive advantage needed to meet our business objectives.

To be the leading single source fire protection company in India by providing quality products and professionalize services in the industry.

Aims to ensure protection of life, asserts & environment from fire and other emergencies or damages. We have clear designed strategies:

To achieve this by employing highly experience, qualified and competent persons.

To maintain strong client relationships



                                                              CORPORATE QUALITY, HEALTH & SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT POLICY


Rise and Shine is committed to a Policy of continual improvement in the performance of our Integrated Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management System. This is achieved through,

  • Delivering High-Quality Services to satisfy the needs of our customers and meeting the obligatory requirements.

  • Having effective hazard identification, risk assessment, operational control methods for identifying and controlling the significant Occupational Health and Safety Risks from the present and changing activities of the company and by having effective OH & S management Programme(s).

  • Having effective environmental aspects identification, operational controls on the significant Environmental Impacts resulting from the present and changing activities of the company and by having an effective Environmental Management Programme(s) for preventing the environmental pollution.

  • Complying with relevant legal and other necessary requirements on Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment.

The effectiveness of this Integrated Management System is improved through, trained manpower, establishing norms for resources usage, periodic internal audits and review of QHSE policy and its objectives.

The Company as a whole with its employees is responsible for implementing and complying with the norms stipulated to meet QHSE management system requirements.

This QHSE policy is effectively communicated to all of our employees and other associated parties, to enable them to interact with any third party, client or public, in line with the Company’s QHSE management system.

Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Ravi Subramanyam: The creator of the QHSE policy.